Buy a device and purchase a service plan.

Simple steps to get your service started with Griz Wireless


1. ZIP Code

Tell us where the phone will be used.

2. Select a phone

Pick a phone from our stock on hand to view details and then Add to cart.

3. Select a plan

Pick a service plan that works for you. Add a custom name to the line if you want. Click Next.

4. Add Features

Choose to add additional features (Optional). Click Next.

5. Phone Number

Enter phone number you want to transfer, or select Get a new number from zip code. Click Next.

6. Review Order

Review the order details. Select a shipping option or choose In-Store Pickup. Click Next.

7. Account and Shipping

Enter account and shipping information.

8. Billing

Enter billing information and review the order summary.

Click Make Payment to complete your order.