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finance cell phones

Finance on approved credit

We finance cell phones. We know cell phones can be expensive to purchase outright. Do you want the convenience of installment payments for your phone and a flexible service plan? Get it now from Griz Wireless.

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Want to purchase a phone with no service plan? We sell phones online.

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Purchase with or without a service plan.

How does financing work?

Our Hamilton and Salmon locations can finance cell phones with a small deposit (on approved credit). Installment payments are set up for 12 months depending on the total purchase price.

Remember, we have flexible service plans so you can change your service plan if your monthly needs change.

We stock the most popular phones and can get others shipped to you in one to two days.

Come in to our store today – see options to finance your cell phone.

Our Most Popular Phones

samsung galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy 8

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iphone 8

iPhone 8

Note: If you have trouble with our online purchase options, please call during our business hours (406) 375-7030 for assistance.