Bring your own device

hand holding cell phone

Check if your device works with Griz Wireless

Just enter the IMEI of the device you want to bring over in the tool below.


1. Device Approval

Please enter the IMEI of your device to see if it’s compatible with our network.

2. SIM card

If have already received a SIM card from us, enter the number in. 

*If not: Check the box and proceed to choose a plan

3. Choose a plan

Select a plan and hit Next.

4. Features

Add additional features (optional) and click Next

5. Phone Number

Enter phone number you want to transfer, or select “Get a new number from zip code”.

6. Review Order

Review the order details and choose a shipping option.

7. Account and Shipping

Enter account and shipping information.

8. Billing

Enter billing information and review the order summary.

Click “Make Payment” to complete your order.